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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Services

AI being the special ingredient of digital-first strategy is the key enabler for digital operating models. These models are creating unicorns and transforming established businesses into digital powerhouses. Gone are the days of achieving operational excellence through just human intelligence. AI-augmented and AI-driven decisions are helping companies adapt and scale at lightning speeds; they are becoming decision factories. Customers expect Computed User Experiences, which are nimble-witted, like a smart human. Embedded Systems need to interact with users in more natural ways using technologies like Sensor Fusion .

We strive to provide a digital experience to you through advanced AI, enabling you to be the best in business. We offer innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions through our most advanced AI technologies automating and digitizing your day-to-day operations. We help rearchitect digital processes, the confluence of data, and algorithms to break silos. The journey starts with Data Discovery, building next-generation data platforms, and then incorporating algorithms to create Systems of Intelligence. RTS has a team of certified professionals with certifications in all the major platforms like Google, Amazon, and Azure. We also have a team of world-class advisors who run major AI research centers across the globe.


Silos of data and disintegrated systems are the significant obstacles in uncovering hidden knowledge. Cultivating the potential of untapped data requires a deeper understanding of data, its organization, semantics, patterns, and flows. RTS Data Discovery process helps companies gain deeper insights into their data assets. It’s the first step in fully harnessing an organization’s data for making critical business decisions.


Platform is the Secure and centralized repository for collecting and analyzing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. With a robust platform one can quickly visualize and discover insights from data and efficiently collaborate across teams.


Instead of just acting as an underlying technology, AI/ML solutions are defining new models of user engagement. At RTS, we incorporate AI to make the design platforms more personalized while ensuring more intuitive interaction with users.


RTS provides operating models where algorithms make up the critical components of overall business value. Through our AI-driven operating models, we are rearchitecting organizations, changing the way you use data and makes decisions, and making the value curve increase more rapidly by removing traditional bottlenecks.

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